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Artist Select Minerals

No other area of my work has given me more angst. What to do with minerals?? They don't replicate themselves like organisms, so no two are alike. For a time, I tried hopelessly to describe mineral specimens by their elementary composition, to no effective avail. The colors, textures and shapes of two beautiful, identically composed specimens can appear completely unrelated. The final result was that patrons never knew exactly what they were receiving.

So I decided to embrace that.

I now offer "Artist Select" minerals. I personally meet with my miners multiple times each year and hand select the most incomparable mineral specimens available. I then divide them by size and categorize them by color, regardless of composition. Now patrons are free to select from 8 different color families and three different sizes and I choose a mineral specimen from my warehouse to create the piece to your specification. Special color/texture requests can be entered in the comment box at checkout if more specificity is desired. While I cannot guarantee precise results in every case, I conscientiously strive to honor them.

Nine representative images are shown for each color family, offering a sampling of the variety manifested within each color family. Many of the most exclusive retailers in the US have been entrusting to me the selection of their crystals in this manner for several years now.

I hope you will feel confident doing the same.

Please note that the pieces in this category are "made to order" which means you can select frame and mat colors for each piece. Because these pieces are not pre-made, the production lead time is up to 8 weeks. Please contact us via email (or in "order notes" during checkout) if you have a delivery deadline. We will let you know if we can accommodate and rush fees may apply.

Due to the endless variety found in natural minerals, we are unable to post images of specific minerals for purchase. To view our "Mineral Selection & Exchange Policy" please refer to our Terms & Conditions page.