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Manufacturer’s Warranty

Updated and Effective as of February 1, 2015

If your artwork is shipped to you from the store you purchased it at and arrives with damage, please contact the store immediately. If your artwork was shipped to you directly from our studio, you must report any damage to our studio within 48 hours of delivery. Acceptable reporting methods are: phone (leave a message if we do not answer), email ([email protected]), or fax (503-821-6423).

  • Damage that occurs when a piece is re-shipped after arriving at its original destination is NOT covered under this Warranty. Contact the retail establishment you purchased your artwork from with any questions or concerns.
  • Any box damage must be photographed and documented so that we may file a claim with the shipping company.
  • In cases where there is no box or frame damage (such as detachment of piece from backing), repairs and shipping back to the customer are covered by Pheromone under this Warranty.
  • The return shipping box must be appropriate for the piece. (Contact Pheromone for instructions on returning piece(s) for repair or replacement. NOTE: Failure to obtain instructions or to properly follow instructions may result in denial of warranty claim and repair charges being assessed to the customer.)


Pheromone products are guaranteed against mold, infestation, and manufacturer defect for life, with the following exceptions:

Any frame damage or other physical damage to the piece not reported within 48 hours of arrival at original destination (as determined by the shipping company’s records) renders this warranty null and void. Any additional, unreported damage to the piece discovered upon return to Pheromone will be assumed to be the result of improper packaging and charged to the customer. If the damage is due to mishandling in shipping, it is the customer’s responsibility to file a claim with the shipping carrier they utilized to return the piece. Some Pheromone product lines may not be covered under the “Lifetime Warranty” – please contact our office for exceptions and exclusions.

*NOTE: This Warranty is not intended to replace or modify the policies of the store from which the artwork was purchased. Unless your artwork is covered under this Manufacturer’s Warranty as specified above, you must contact the retail establishment you purchased from for any and all inquiries. Pheromone does NOT give refunds on any merchandise or shipping costs.

*These terms do not apply to the Christopher Marley Museum Collection.

Mineral Selection & Exchange Policy

Updated and Effective as of April 2015

Artist Select Crystals are hand-selected by the artist for aesthetic interest and beauty. Because each specimen is naturally forming, there is no way to showcase all of our inventory in specific images, so orders are placed by size and color category and not specific image. All of the images shown are examples only and are indicative of the variation in color and texture that can be found within each general category.
In the rare case that a customer receives a mineral that he or she is not happy with, the piece(s) may be shipped back to us for exchange (shipping is at the customer’s expense unless returned for defect as outlined in our warranty). Once the piece(s) are received in our studio and confirmed to be in original, undamaged condition, we will send images of three (3) specimens per returned piece from which to select a replacement. The specimens we offer as replacements will be held for up to 72 hours before being placed back in the pool of available items to ship to other customers. Should you require additional images beyond these, there will be a “specimen selection and consulting fee” of $15 per additional 3-specimen photo requested. Please contact our office with any questions on this process, thank you.